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Schloss zu Hopferau
Schloßstraße 9-11
D-87659 Hopferau

Tel.: +49 (0) 83 64 - 98 48 9 - 0
Fax: +49 (0) 83 64 - 98 48 9 - 44

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And this is how your programme of events could look:

  • Champagne reception with canapés, served inside or outside the castle
  • Coffee and cake from the buffet in the castle garden café
  • Entertainment with fire dancers, birds of prey show, alpine horns, etc.
  • Wedding banquet on the first floor of the castle, served either as a fixed menu dinner or buffet
  • Music and dancing in the foyer
  • Midnight snack with a selection of cheeses, goulash soup, finger food ...
  • Nightcap at the castle bar
  • Overnight accommodation in the castle
  • Breakfast together, which can be ordered to include Bavarian weisswurst sausages and fresh pretzels, smoked salmon platter ...
These offers can be individually tailored to suit your tastes. We can accommodate (virtually) all your wishes. Just let us know what you want.