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Reviews about Schloss zu Hopferau
Schloss zu Hopferau
Schloßstraße 9-11
D-87659 Hopferau

Tel.: +49 (0) 83 64 - 98 48 9 - 0
Fax: +49 (0) 83 64 - 98 48 9 - 44

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The Schloss zu Hopferau is today a modern conference center and conference hotel in the Allgäu. It is unique because of its over 550-year history and the therefore touching, very special atmosphere. It can boast of the most modern seminar equipment in Germany.

With its versatile meeting space, outdoor area and wonderful nature, it offers the perfect setting for creative and successful meetings, seminars, training courses or product presentations.

Take advantage of the exclusive atmosphere of the conference hotel Schloss zu Hopferau and be inspired by the creative genius Konrad Zuses at your next seminar or conference! Experience the place where, in 1945, he developed the world's first computer and where today's historic ambience meets state-of-the-art equipment.

The Hopferau castle is also the seat of the First German Center for Performance Management. Further information can be found here:  1. German Centre for Performance Management 


zusesaalDer The Zuse Room - a proud tradition

Inspired by the Z4, the first high-performance computer in the world, which inventor Konrad Zuse first put into operation at Hopferau Castle in 1946, this room is characterised by clear lines and angular structures.

The Z4 was way ahead of its time. Not surprisingly, the castle conference rooms are today equipped with state-of-the-art technology. All the equipment in the room, such as the projector, sound system, lights and shades can be controlled via an iPad 2. A high-performance, high-definition projector and complimentary WLAN are available for your presentations. In order to make your presentations and video conferences visually perfect, you can use a second high-definition projector to illuminate the entire screen (size: 4.6 x 2.8 metres). The automated shades to darken the room and the multi-functional, suspended ceiling make every seminar in the Zuse Room an experience. The indirect, glare-free lighting using 625 LED lighting points simulates various light conditions – from cold to neutral to warm white – and creates the perfect atmosphere.

Size: 44 m²
Capacity: U form: 16 people, Parlamentarian: 20 people
Flip charts and boards by the Neuland company
Presentation equipment
Wild-screen projection for video conferences and presentations
iPad control of light, projector, shades and sound
Diverse levels of light for diffrent atmospheres (soft, hard, daylight)
Internet connection (WLAN)

The Atelier – the creative room for creative souls

In contrast to the rather business-like decor of the Zuse Room, the Atelier is the castle's creative room, characterised by curved shapes and warm colours. But you will also find the same cutting-edge conference technology in this room.

All of the equipment is controlled by an iPad here, as well. Thanks to user-friendly operation of equipment, your meetings are guaranteed to go smoothly.

A multi-functional, suspended ceiling with integrated light and acoustic technology, a powerful full HD projector and automated shades to darken the room ensure impressive presentations. For outstanding sound performance, both for music and videos as well as clear verbal presentations, unobtrusive speakers have been installed along with an audio amplifier. Halogen spotlights with special reflectors provide brilliant and pleasant lighting – and here you will also find LED lighting points that allow you to create various moods.

Size: 44 m²
Capacity: U form: 14 people, Parlamentarian: 16 people
Flip charts and boards by the Neuland company
Presentation equipment
Projector and screnn
iPad control of Light, projector, shades and sound
Diverse levels of light for diffrent atmospheres (soft, hard, daylight)
Internet connection (WLAN)

Freyberg Hall

Size: 66 m²
Capacity: U form: 18-20 people, Parlamentarian: 28 people
Flip charts and boards by the Neuland company
Presenttion equipment
Interactive whiteboard with projector
Internet connection (WLAN)