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28 May 2024   19:30 Uhr
Männerchor Hopferau - Musik im Biergarten
01 Jun 2024   10:00 Uhr
Steinmalerei für Kinder
16 Jun 2024   10:30 Uhr
Wim Hof Fundamentals Workshop mit Dr. Martina Weifenbach
Schloss zu Hopferau
Schloßstraße 9-11
D-87659 Hopferau

Tel.: +49 (0) 83 64 - 98 48 9 - 0
Fax: +49 (0) 83 64 - 98 48 9 - 44

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In the over 550 years since its construction, Schloss zu Hopferau has had a very eventful history. Built as a hunting castle by Knight Sigmund, it quickly gained a reputation as a hospitable and pleasant place to stay due to its comfort (compared to the nearby Hohenfreyberg Castle).

Along with knights, princes and other members of the nobility, several famous historical figures are said to have stayed here. Due to its many prominent guests, since the middle of the 16th century Hopferau Castle increasingly became a focal point of social life in the Allgäu region.

The “Hopfer-Au” estate was once owned by the Lords of Hohenegg zu Vils, who ceded it to the Lords of Freyberg in 1385.

Following the division of the lordship between the brothers Wilhelm and Sigmund von Freyberg-Eisenberg, in 1467, the lordship of Hopferau was established.

In 1468 The knight of Freyberg – Eisenberg, knight Sigmund, starts building Schloss zu Hopferau on the grounds its stands on today. In total, the castle was in Family hands until 1838

Schloss zu Hopferau.remained in the possession of the Hopferau line of the Freyberg-Eisenbergs, and the east wing was added around 1790.

In 1838 The sisters Albertine and Pauline of Freyberg-Eisenberg to Wellingen who had changed the look of the castle with its new gothic façade - with the help of Domenico Qualio - sell Schloss zu Hopferau to its first private owner, the post export business man Michael Kolb from Füssen.

In 1839 The new owner of Schloss zu Hopferau is the Lord of Ponikau

In 1910 Paul Segisser, a painter from the city of Karlsruhe, lives and works in the castle

In 1933 Schloss zu Hopferau is without owner and its immediate neighbour, Otto Keller, is given the key to the castle.

In 1937 Georg Halbich, a sculptor from Munich, buys the castle, which at that time is in desperate need of renovation.

In 1946 Konrad Zuse, inventor of the first digital computer, is hiding from the Nazis with his family in Hopferau. He perfects the legendary Z4 in the then bakeries storage room next to Schloss zu Hopferau, which is the castles parking lot today and initiates the world‘s first commercial use of a digital computer.

In 1979 The key of the castle goes to its new owner, Judith Böser, granddaughter of Georg Halbich.

In 1999 Füssen’s culture club, head Heinz Deutschle, takes over the castle to safe it from complete shutdown.
The castle is getting an allover  face lift and is turned into a private art gallery.

In 2001 For the first time since the castles renovation started, it opens its doors to the public once again.

In 2005 A local business turns the castle into a place of fine dining, events and hotel under the watchful eye of Georg Kirchgäßner, at this time, director of the Schloss zu Hopferau.

In 2011 Schloss zu Hopferau welcomes his new owner, the BERA GmbH of Schwäbisch Hall.

The owner of the company Bernd H. Rath said once to his mother at the tender age of six “Im gonna have a castle like this” – as he stood in front of Neuschwanstein.

True to the intent, he is the proud owner of the castle you are in right now, the castle has been slowly  turned into a place of business and memories  especially for whom which have tight the knot in its halls and gardens.

Up to this day, Schloss zu Hopferau is known widely for its exclusive dining experience, its hospitality and place of rest for its guests from all over the world.

In 2014 CEO Bernd H. Rath becomes official ambassador of the Oställgau in april.

In 2016 Schloss zu Hopferau is classed oncemor after detailed and intensive check by the German hotel and restaurants association inc. (Dehoga) as a four-starhouse in august.

In 2018  Schloss zu Hopferau becomes 550 years old

In 2019  After extensive examination, the castle was incorporated in 2019 as a First Class Hotel in the circle of and is entitled "Special Meeting and Event Location" 2019.